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Failed tubal ligation









Failed tubal ligation

A woman had had a tubal ligation procedure, and following a move overseas discovered she was pregnant. The couple made a decision to go through with the pregnancy but they had many questions including the effect the failed procedure could have on the pregnancy.

The couple returned New Zealand for a family wedding and contacted advocacy.  As they were only in NZ for a few days, and the surgeon was on leave, they met with the clinical director of the hospital with the advocate for support.  The surgeon concerned had emailed a letter to the couple a day before the meeting.  The clinical director was very understanding of their situation and had information ready. Many of their questions were answered with an understanding that the remaining questions would be answered in a comprehensive letter to the couple when they returned home.

Although the couple would have preferred a face-to-face meeting with the surgeon, they appreciated advocacy support to be able to tell their story and ask questions, and felt they had been heard.                     

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