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Respectful communication








Respectful communication

A mother contacted an advocate to discuss her concerns about her 10-year-old child's treatment by a staff member of the Ophthalmology Department. She explained that a technician had told her there was nothing more they could do to correct her child's double vision. She sought a second opinion which confirmed the double vision, but when they returned to the Ophthalmology Department the technician did not treat them respectfully.

The mother was reluctant to complain as she thought a complaint may affect ongoing care, but was so upset by her experience she said she needed to do something. After discussion with the advocate she decided to pursue her concerns by writing a letter, which she was assisted with as English is not her first language. She asked for an apology from the technician and asked that other people would not have the same experience.

Apologies were received from both the technician and the customer services manager and the complainant and her son put the incident behind them.

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